We have an ongoing series of articles with helpful advice for managing your own band, or for anyone helping a friend’s band out with management. They are based on extensive work with small bands, and particularly focus on the mistakes they often make when they don’t have experienced management.

Taken in order these articles will show you how to form a band that comes across as professional, and ready for success, fame and fortune. Equally they tell you how to look critically at a band that is already writing, playing and recording, and how they can translate their enthusiasm and talent into success.

If you are new to the site, we recommend you read these articles first. If you already have, please check out our recent articles.

The industry

These articles tell you how the industry operates, in particular who does what.

The Making of the Band

These articles give direct advice about managing the band.

Releasing Music

This can be done through a label, or nowadays it is possible to release and publicise your own music.

Touring Advice

This is a separate series of articles, because touring is so important to a band. However to highlight some important articles: