This is a sample page for non-members.

This page will not be updated or corrected, so the contact details might be out-of-date, and only contains a small part of the information available to members.

We know! Every band wants to get signed. You can’t be signed without contacting some labels. So here are the contact details for independent labels, along with their music genre preferences for labels that specify.

As always, be polite. You want something from the label, good relationships do not start with impolite emails. Do not email any music files, such as MP3. Send links to an EPK if you have one, or to files on a cloud drive or specialist music upload site – however make sure these are secure and not open to the public. Labels will not consider music that is already being distributed, even if it is just on Soundcloud.

If your band is really heavy, thrash metal, death metal and so on, then it can be difficult to find a suitable label. We have a table of labels that specialise in heavy music which you can try.

Click the table for a larger image, or download the PDF.