Our Subscription Web Service

Welcome to Metal Music Bookings website.

As well as managing and booking bands ourselves, we offer a subscription web service to help you manage your own band, and to book your own shows. This service gives all the information you need to become a successful band in one place.

The Service

This is a website subscription, with advice and information, which is not the same as our on-to-one consulting service where we book tours and manage your band, which costs a lot more. With the web subscription service you or a friend would be managing and booking your band, but with the help of advice, templates, books and contact details we provide on the website.

The Benefits

  • Direct email and contact information for:-
  • Worldwide Promoters, including their company profile, main Promoter name, direct email address.
  • Worldwide Festivals and Festival promoters including direct contact details and festival information
  • Major / independent Record labels around the world including direct details for Heads of A&R Department, the people that sign bands.
  • Steps on how to approach Record Labels, including what to say in your email,how to present your band  and music, what to say if you are rejected or do not hear back from them and a lot more
  • Management Advice including sample contracts, publishing deals and contracts advice
  • Advice on how to Promote and Market your band including social media, websites and advise on how to get more fans
  • Touring advice, touring contract samples, Touring Rider examples
  • Promoter and Venue contact details around the world including Europe, USA (in 50 States and DC) and rest of the world, venue capacities from under 100 to over 1000
  • Marketing and Presentation advise such as EPK Design (Electronic Press Kit), image, social media presence etc.
  • Blogs and useful links in the Music Business
  • Option to ask us questions in relation to your band directly

and whole lot more!

This website is unique and would give you online access to Managing and Booking your band yourself if you needed to.

To see a small sample of the site follow this link.


Subscribing to our service works out at less than £20 per month, in an annual single payment of £200. This can be paid by PayPal or by credit card through PayPal’s secure site.

To join, follow this link.