This is a long list! We have the contact details for over 1000 US venues up to about 500 capacity, across all 50 states and DC. Even so we don’t pretend this is a comprehensive list, and it will be extended. Come back for a new version. Also in a list this long some people will have moved from jobs, and some venues will occasionally close, either temporarily or permanently.

They are also quite varied as to how you should be approaching them. The list below has contact details for all the venues, but always check out the website first to see what is expected. The website might also have alternative contact details.

Most of them prefer email, and in that case you should follow the advice in our article on the subject unless the venue’s website says to do something different. Don’t email MP3 files. In other cases they actually do prefer contact through their Facebook pages (in which case most of that advice still applies) or by a phone call. If phoning, do try to call at a time convenient for the venue in question, and remember to use the correct time zone if you are not local!

Note that the phone numbers given are in an international format. The “+1” at the beginning simply means to use the international dialling code for your country (00 for the EU for example) followed by a 1. Mobile phones will dial correctly if you dial the number exactly as given, with “+1” at the beginning. Of course if you are in the USA you can simply ignore the “+1” at the beginning of the number.

Having read all the above, click to expand or just download the PDF.